Will html5 apps replace native apps?

11 Mar 2014

Will html5 apps replace native apps?

Html5 apps VS Native apps = ?

What will be the impact of html5 hybrid apps in smart phones?

Native apps for android are buzzing since 2008, whereas hybrid apps are sprouting in recent times especially after phonegap buzzing in the industry.

Whatever concept/idea can be implemented in html5 apps is already available in native apps - not like they can be done in native apps, but they are already done in many variations and in many duplication.


15 Feb 2014

Thanks for downloading the "My Offline Quran" app.

This page provides the download link for the audio files and setup instruction to make your app audio enabled.


1) Make sure, you know the path to your sdcard or memory card.

2) Download the zip file either to computer or to mobile directly.
Extract the quranaudio.zip file. It will create a directory "quranaudio" and contains the audio files - audio of each ayat.

3) Copy this "quranaudio" folder with its contents to your android phone's sd card or memory card.