Bajaj Discover 150F ownership review

If you are looking for true ownership review - not the pros and cons of internet marketing guys, you can read further.

My review of Discover 150F after riding 500kms, completed run-in period, about to do 1st service. During this period I ride within 40km/hr. I never ride any other 150cc bike. This is my first 150cc bike. So most of my feedback is based on comparison with my previous 100cc bikes.

What I want From my bike

I want a bike with good throttle response upto 80 km/hr with pillion. Mileage should be same with or without pillion up to 80 km/hr. Mileage could be around 40 km/ltr. Comfortable seating position - including pillion - for rare long ride. Easy to handle. I would be happy if maintenance is similar to bajaj 100 cc bikes.

Bullet - Money - Life - Spirituality

Being haunted by royal Enfield bullet for few months nearing a year, I decided to buy it. The temptation is beyond resistance.

I was waiting to receive my incentive from my office to buy. My incentive is not sufficient, so planned to avail loan for shortage.

I received my incentive last month. Incentive amount credited into my bank account.

Motorcycle or Bike Tsunami is storming now in India

Two wheeler with higher CC bikes are going to storm us in 2015 - 2016.

Those who can afford for such bikes will buy them irrespective of need or want.

Now, I am caught by royal enfield bullet tsunami, part of motorbike tsunami. I notice lots of new bullets - classic 350 - on road. We can declare our cities as city of Pulsars and bullets.

My affordability is stopping me from becoming a victim to bullet wave. Those who can ride motorcycle, and able to pay for bullets buy bullets. Everybody, by their affordability, has to buy a new motorcycle.

Indian Consumerism - Realty Tsunami - Storming style marketing and sales

I was victim of realty tsunami stormed Chennai, during 2010 and 2012. Atulya, inno Geocity, TVH homes, Nallambakkam realities, Marg Swarnabhoomi, Metrozone, and many and infinite small builders stormed chennai.

It was a sweep.

No idea whether above mentioned projects are completed and functional now.

I did site visit of various realty projects during this period.

After committing a flat I seized site visits, stopped looking at Saturday Hindu realty and all my realty activities.

migrated back to drupal from wordpress

I run this blog served from WordPress for a week. Posting experience from WordPress is awesome. With WordPress app, I could draft content with images offline and publish them later on.

But the major drawback is search, and similar articles. I am not satisfied with WordPress search compared with drupal. Similar article plugin not come closure to drupal module.

I decided to switch back to drupal.

For backup , I decided to use the xml, which I used to migrate to WordPress.