Drupal to Wordpress Migration

I migrated my blog from drupal to WordPress last week.

I am running this site made up of drupal for 8 years. Drupal was my bread and butter for almost 6 years. It gave me job few times in big MNCs. Using this site, I researched drupal, and keep in touch with drupal always. Leaving drupal is a tough decision.

I have to keep moving from hosting companies due to either poor service or cheaper cost.

Data backup was a pain. Since my blog is growing, I want simple and reliable solution for data backup periodically.

I passed RedHat 7 - RHCE7

I passed redhat version 7 recently. Plexus announced an upgrade offer from redhat to sit rhce7 exam. I paid the upgrade fee. The bait was upgrade fee 2500 rupees, and no need to appear for the RHCSA 7. So, I bite the bait.

Two challenges.
I could not take leave or attend the pre exam training session(6 hrs for 5 days) like I did in rhce6. So I attended 3 hrs of training and left for a office.

Exam was 4 hrs. It requires stamina to sit for 4 hrs in a same place. 4hrs was not enough to me when I did the exam.

Want to use PHP without Namespace, PHAR

I still want to use PHP without Namespace, PHAR, complex frameworks, and other enterprise enticing features.

I am using PHP from version 3.x to 5.x. For 6+ years ,PHP was my bread and better. I am certified in PHP.

The language of web, the bricks upon city of internet is built, is changing a lot to bite its share from enterprise, corporate market.

Good thing is, it is not whethering its simplicity, easiness, originality yet.

How to survive in abusive office?

Like domestic violence, work place violence is too bad, affecting both mental and physical life. But, it has less attention, awareness, social movements, and talk compared with domestic violence.

When your work place is abusive, how to survive.

You are threntened, ill treated, dumped, humilated, you don't get the recognition, respect you deserve. Your hardwork is not appreciated. you are driven to have a self doubt on your skills, experience, achievements. You started longing for appreciation, attention. You are uncomfortable in your office.

I connected my computer from internet.

I connected my computer from internet.

I was trying to access my jsp application served by Tomcat, hosted in my home PC. I was able to surf the net from my PC, but not able to access my web application running in my PC from outside of my home.

I embraced, public hosting, shared hosting services to make my application accessible in internet.

This happened decade ago.

Today, 12 Oct 2014, I connected my device from internet. If I know it already, I would not had been running from hosting to hosting.

can Linux desktop replace windows desktop?

can Linux desktop replace windows desktop?

I am using centos desktop and open office. I am happy that I am not using pirated os.

First challenge I faced after installing centos was connect to internet through reliance netcconnect - huwei 150 dongle. I stuck. I didn't know how to configure it in centos. Some drivers or .so files are missing to get it installed. Using the dongle in windows, is a piece if cake. Mostly donglers sold in India are compatible with Windows.

I passed RedHat - RHCE exam

I passed RedHat Certification - RHCE - couple of weeks back. I attended two months part time training at Plexus, Chennai. I sacrificed weekends for two and half months.

I already passed few certifications exam in different domains.

I feel RedHat exams deserve mentioned, because of the way exam is conducted. 100% practical exam. No choose the best answer from choice. No theory or written exam. RedHat exam is One hundred percent practical.

You should know EXACTLY what you should know to complete a task in RHCE exam.